Multi-channel Pipetting
For ease to work with 384-well plates
Low-Retention Tips
Special Polymers reduce risk of liquid retention
Volume Lock
Securely set the pipetting volume and avoid volume drift
Superior Design
Ergonomic grip, operation, and tip ejection.
Lever-Style Tip Ejector
Reduces the strain from heavy-duty tip ejection.
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  • Convenient and Easy-to-Access packaging that includes organized tube strips.
  • Ultra-thin walls allows sample to be efficiently and thoroughly heated, effectively and consistently yielding good results.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are manufactured in highly clean areas and with highly clean plastic to avoid contaminants.
  • Wall thickness is uniform throughout OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes to enable consistent and repeatable results over multiple iterations of use.
  • OptiMate PCR/qPCR Strip Tubes are available with attached caps, separate caps, or as tubes or caps purchased separately.
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SKU Description Volume
OB16-10 Oxford BenchMate multi pipettes, 16-channel 0.5-10 µl
OB16-50 Oxford BenchMate multi pipettes, 16-channel 0.2-50 µl
OB24-10 Oxford BenchMate multi pipettes, 24-channel 0.5-10 µl
OB24-50 Oxford BenchMate multi pipettes, 24-channel 0.2-50 µl
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SKU Description Volume
XRHD-50-S Oxford BenchMate, Racked Sterile 0.2-50 µl
XRHD-50-SF Oxford BenchMate, Racked Sterile Filtered 0.2-50 µl

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The Oxford BenchMate 384 line of pipettes makes it easy to work with 384-well plates. Typical approaches to 384-well pipetting involve a lot of work and careful spacing. The OB384 pipettes bring a new approach to this by enabling scientists to pipette into 384-well plates much more quickly and effectively. The pipette is specifically equipped with a multi-channel attachment that lines up exactly with 384-well plates. Furthermore, the channels are all specifically designed to pipette the micro volumes used in 384-well plates.

The handle, fingerhook, and ejector lever on the Oxford BenchMate 384 pipette are designed and fitted to comfortably be held in the user’s hand. Because we understand that reagents and samples are expensive and valuable, the volume control and dispensing are carefully calibrated to control and stop easily. Additionally, volume adjustment knobs are equipped with a volume lock to securely set the dispensing volume with less risk. Oxford BenchMate 384 Pipettes are paired specifically with OB384 Low Retention tips. These tips further enable sample delivery and sample protection. Each tip is equipped with special polymers and an extremely smooth surface to reduce sample retention.