Magnet assisted piston
For consistently precise results
Corrosion-free tip ejector
For enhanced durability
Color-Coded Plunger
With Large Button for Easy Aspirating/Dispensing
Volume-Lock Mechanism
To Prevent Pipette Drift
Rotating 360⁰ handle
For convenient pistoning
Spring-loaded tip cone
For lesser strain and precise pipetting
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For Single Channel & Multichannel

  • The PVDF tip cone is chemical and physical stress resistant, making it highly durable.
  • Easy tip ejection, shock-proof tip ejection with a unique shock-absorbing mechanism.
  • PTFE plastic is exceptionally durable and resistant to solvents.
  • Ceramic Plungers in Pipette Models Larger Than 200 μL for Enhanced Precision and Accuracy.
  • Hyper Blowout improves accuracy and precision in 200 μL models.
  • The display has a large volume and a glass window for easy cleaning.
  • Extra protection is provided by PTFE plastic in single or multi-channel configurations.
  • This product is fully autoclavable, highly UV resistant, and comes with a 5-year warranty.
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Catalog No Volume Range (μL) Increments (μL)
OB-2 0.1 – 2 0.02
OB-10 0.5 – 10 0.01
OB-20 2 – 20 0.02
OB-100 10 – 100 0.1
OB-200 20 – 200 0.2
OB-1000 100 – 1000 1
OB-5000 1000 – 5000 10
OB-10000 1000 – 10000 10
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Catalog No Volume Range (μL) Increments (μL)
OB8-10 0.5 – 10 0.01
OB8-100 5 - 100 0.1
OB8-200 20 – 200 0.2
OB8-300 30 – 300 1
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Catalog No Volume Range (μL) Increments (μL)
OB12-10 0.5 – 10 0.01
OB12-100 5 - 100 0.1
OB12-200 20 – 200 0.2
OB12-300 30 – 300 1

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The Oxford BenchMate Pipette is a classic pipetting tool renowned for its accuracy, precision, and durability. The reputation holds up with this version of the BenchMate pipette. This pipette features the weight, balance, feeling, and style of a classic pipette, similar to Gilson or Reference pipettes. The quality and performance are modern – air displacement is precise and accurate, providing consistent results every time.

Oxford BenchMate Pipettes feature three special features that set them apart: Hyper-Blowout technology, PTFE plastic, and a ceramic piston. BenchMate Hyper-Blowout technology is a special feature built into BenchMate pipettes that includes an advanced blowout after dispensing to ensure that all liquid is expelled during pipetting. The internal engineering and the choice of PTFE plastic ensure that calibration is maintained so that every draw and dispense is accurate and precise. The PTFE protects the internal pieces and maintains a good internal temperature to ensure the pipetting components are maintained correctly. One of those internal components, the ceramic piston, is crucial to providing accuracy and precision. The ceramic piston provides additional protection from changes internally that might otherwise impact the calibration. Altogether, these features combine to make a pipette that is comfortable, accurate, precise, and reminiscent of the typical pipetting experience. Upgrade your pipettes today to a modern, engineered tool!