AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Ergonomic lightweight design
Finger hook design minimizes hand stress
AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Universal Compatibility
Compatible with universal pipette tips
AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Different volume pipettes are color-coded for easy ID.
AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Smooth Operation
Smooth piston movement and tip ejection
AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Thermal Insulated
Thermal insulation protects inner mechanism from temperature changes.
AccuPet Pro Manual Pipettes
Durable Construction
Material and design provide shock-absorption and chemical resistance.
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  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to operate the pipette single-handedly – plunger and tip ejector can be comfortably accessed with one hand.
  • Each pipette is calibrated in accordance with ISO standards and comes with an individual calibration certificate.
  • Fully autoclavable to help keep the pipette clean.
  • Nose cones designed for Universal Tip compatibility and shaped for leak-free sealing.
  • Material and construction design provide resistance against drops, corrosive chemicals, and temperature changes.
  • The Accupet Pro provides consistency, reliability, accuracy, and precision in a comfortable and convenient package.
  • A 360° rotatable manifold makes it easy to use without twisting the wrist.
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Single Channel Catalog No.Volume Range (μL)Increments (μL)Test Volume (μL)Inaccuracy () %Imprecision () %
AP-2.50.1 – 2.5μL0.01μL0.25μL126
AP-202 – 20μL0.1μL2μL32
AP-505 -50μL0.5μL5μL22
AP-10010 to 100μL0.5μL10μL31.5
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8-Channel Catalog No.Volume Range (μL)Increments (μL)Test Volume (μL)Inaccuracy () %Imprecision () %
AP8-100.5 to 10μL0.1μL1μL44
AP8-500 5 to 50μL0.5μL5μL32
AP8-10010 to 100μL1μL10μL1.51.5
AP8-20020 to 200μL1μL20μL1.50.75
AP8-30030 to 300μL1μL30μL1.50.75
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12-Channel Catalog No.Volume Range (μL)Increments (μL)Test Volume (μL)Inaccuracy () %Imprecision () %
AP12-100.5 to 10μL0.1μL1μL44
AP12-500 5 to 50μL0.5μL5μL32
AP12-10010 to 100μL1μL10μL1.51.5
AP12-20020 to 200μL1μL20μL1.50.75
AP12-30030 to 300μL1μL30μL1.50.75

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Quality pipetting requires consistency, reliability, accuracy, and precision. The Oxford Lab Product Accupet Pro Pipette delivers all of that and does so in a comfortable and convenient package. The external design is focused on usability and comfort. The Accupet Pro body is shaped to fit comfortably in users’ hands and the finger hook is carefully placed to balance the pipette comfortably in the hand. The volume control is handled by turning the plunger, with each volume adjustment having a soft stop to easily scroll through, but also easily stop at the right volume. The plunger and tip ejector both feature a soft and smooth operation – allowing users to comfortably operate the full aspiration/dispense/ejection without concern for where the start or stop is.

Internally, the Oxford Lab Products Accupet Pro Pipette is engineered to maintain accuracy and precision throughout heavy or light usage. The plunger, piston, and pipette body are all made using Thermo-Plasto-Elastomer (TPE) which is specifically chosen due to its heat conducting properties. TPE allows for minimal heat transfer, in this instance from the user’s hands, to prevent any deviation of the internal mechanisms. The heat prevention allows for Accupet Pro pipettes to maintain their internal calibration and thus maintain accuracy and precision. Experience the Ease-of-Use and reliable performance today!