AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Double Safety: Valve and Hydrophobic Filters
Design offers two layers of protection against over-aspiration
AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Powerful Pump
Fills a 25 ML pipette in less than 4 seconds.
AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Soft grip push buttons
Exceptionally designed soft grip push buttons for a comfortable experience
AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Variable Pump Speed
Multiple pump speed setting plus pressure sensitive trigger operation
AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Three-speed Modes
High or Low Speed Settings, and a Gravity Drain Option.
AccuHelp Pipette Controllers
Lightweight and ergonomic design
Fatigue-free design for low-stress operation.
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  • Allows users to move large volumes of liquid using serological pipettes.

  • Lightweight design offfers ease-of-use even throughout long periods of operation.

  • Nose cone is equipped with a hydrophobic filter to protect the device from over-aspiration.

  • Autoclavable tip cone to help avoid cross-contamination.

  • Nose cone design curves to help prevent over-aspiration.

  • Included Smart Battery Wall-Mounting Stand with Advanced Charging System

  • Cadmium-free, environmentally friendly NiMH batteries with a continuous output time of up to 8 hours.

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Model# Description
PH01-B APS Accuhelp Blue Motorized Pipette Controller
PH01-G APS Accuhelp Green Motorized Pipette Controller
PH01-R APS Accuhelp Red Motorized Pipette Controller
PH01-O APS Accuhelp Orange Motorized Pipette Controller
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Power 2 x 1.2 V / 1000 mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries.
Battery usage Duration Eight hours continuous use
Battery Charging Duration 2 – 3 hours to charge fully
Volumetric Range Plastic or Glass pipette from 0.1 ml up to 200 ml
Safety System Replaceable hydrophobic 0.45 µm PTFE filter & Safety check valve
Standard Accessories NiMH Batteries
Battery Charger
Hydrophobic PTFE membrane Filter 0.45 µm – 2Pc
Hydrophobic PTFE membrane Filter 0.20 µm – 1Pc
Wall mounting stand
Desktop stand

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