BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixer

BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixers
Brushless Dc motor
Long-lasting and low-maintenance.
BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixers
High Powered
Upto 4500 RPM for thorough mixing
BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixers
Built-In Counter Balance
Balance enables stable operation even at higher speeds and capacities
BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixers
Versatile Compatibility
From 5-40°C and up to 80% humidity
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  • It has an orbital diameter of 4.5mm.

  • A compact footprint saves space on the bench.

  • The VM-M is IP43-certified .

  • Working in cold rooms and hoods requires temperatures of 5 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of up to 80%.

  • Robust body made from aluminium to withstand heat

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Specification Variable
Type of movement Orbital
Shaker diameter 4.5 mm
Tube diameter Up to 30 mm
Maximum Speed 2000-4500 RPM
Speed Accuracy A±5%
Operation Type Touch
Protection class IP 43
Permissible ambient temperature 5 - 40 °C
Weight 0.55 Kg
Permissible relative moisture <80%
Noise Level <50 dB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100 x 100 x 70 mm
Input Voltage 9V, 1.2A
Power Consumption 11W

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This BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixer has a speed range of 2500–4500 rpm for thorough mixing and quick vortexing applications. The vortexing orbital diameter is 4.5 mm for optimal vortexing of solutions in common lab vessels.This mini vortex mixer can be used inside fume hoods and in cold rooms. The unit weighs 0.55 kg. The smart and robust design includes press activation of the vortexing action with a suspension system. The unit delivers a set speed, even under varying load conditions, using microprocessor technology. For added convenience, the BenchMate VM-M Mini Vortex Mixer is equipped with a silicon cup that is easy to clean. The brushless DC motor provides a more robust and powerful performance.