Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Smooth and Silent
Maintains smooth and quiet operation even at high-velocity.
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Aluminum Rotor
Fully Autoclavable and highly durable
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Smart airflow design
Advanced airflow keeps temperature controlled and consistent
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
USB Connectivity
Export records and access programs
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Automatic Internal Diagnosis
Digital display alerts user of any errors or problems
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Brushless DC motors
Brushless Motors require little-to-no maintenance
Benchmate C12V Microcentrifuges
Imbalance detection
Automatically cuts off operation if the rotor is imbalanced
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  • Large digital display makes it easy to program and operate the BenchMate C12V

  • The durable brush-less DC motor is maintenance-free and produces less heat than traditional motors.

  • The brush-less DC motor operates silently, even at the maximum speed.

  • Safer low-voltage (24V) device with a universal power supply.

  • Speed and time is controlled by an internally equipped microprocessor – ensuring that control is finely handled.

  • Dual Shell Metal Design and Brushless DC Motor Prevent Sample Heating

  • USB connectivity allows users to remotely access data, programming, and operation.

  • Optional PCR Rotor Available

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Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Rotor Capacity 12 x2 mL (microtubes)
Speed Setting Variable 500 - 15,000 rpm
15,596 x g (Max RCF)
Speed Accuracy ‡ 100 rom
Run Time 30 secs to 999 mins & infinite mode
Acceleration Time 30 seconds
Deceleration Time 40 seconds
Noise Level <60 dB
Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Permissible Relative Moisture <80%
Size (W x D x H) 262 × 230 × 131 mm
Weight 4.5 Kg (with rotor)
Input Power 24 V, 3 A
Power Consumption 72 W

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The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C12V Microcentrifuge is a highly advanced and well-equipped microcentrifuge with a highly approachable interface and advanced technical features. The C12V is capable of up to 15,000 rpm centrifugation and stores all that power in a very compact footprint. The digital display on the BenchMate C12V Microcentrifuge is backlit and large enough to show program selection, speed, time, and toggle between speed formats. Furthermore, the navigation and interface are easily operated with a set of easy buttons and a dial knob that conveniently adjusts settings.

Beyond the premium performance, the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C12V Microcentrifuge features a variety of programming and safety options. Users can choose to set, and then view, programs for centrifugation. The device can store up to 99 programs, with each program storing a time schedule at which to centrifuge at varying speeds. The lid automatically opens at the end of a centrifugation run for safety reasons and cannot be opened while the microcentrifuge is in use. The device can also detect imbalances and prevents imbalanced centrifugation.