Brushless DC motor
Brushless Motors require little-to-no maintenance
Smart airflow design
Advanced airflow keeps temperature controlled and consistent
Variable timer
From 1 to 99 min and infinite mode
Imbalance detection
Automatically cuts off operation if the rotor is imbalanced
Lid-lock safety feature
Lid remains shut until operation is complete
Single-button quick-spin option
  • Microprocessor-controlled, variable-speed performance ranging from 500 to 15000 RPM.

  • With the last run memory feature, the intuitive interface allows for quick and easy setup.

  • A large display allows for quick examination of numerous parameters at once.

  • Short spin operation and RPM/RCF conversion with a single touch.

  • It has a compact size and may be used in hoods and cold rooms.

  • Safer low-voltage (24V) device with a universal power supply.

Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Rotor Capacity 12 x2 mL (microtubes)
Speed Setting Variable 500 - 15,000 rpm
15,596 x g (Max RCF)
Speed Accuracy ‡ 100 rpm
Run Time 1 to 99 minutes & infinite mode
Acceleration Time 60 ‡ 2 seconds
Deceleration Time 50 ‡ 2 seconds
Size (W x D x H) 190x120x270 mm
Weight 2.450 Kg approx (with rotor)
Input Power 24 V, 2.3 A
Power Consumption 55 W

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The BenchMate C012V Microcentrifuge is the quick, simple, and easy solution to benchtop, small-scale centrifugation applications. The C012V Microcentrifuge features an incredibly small footprint, despite the power and flexibility that it offers. Furthermore, the digital interface offers a large amount of adjustment capability. The display conveniently displays the speed and time settings in a very understandable format. Buttons around the screen make it easy to change the settings with intuitive options.

Despite the compact design, the BenchMate C012V Microcentrifuge allows users to perform high-speed operations at up to 15,000 rpm. This means users can perform separation of cells, macromolecules, DNA, RNA, and proteins. This high-power performance is paired with a safety focus to protect users and samples as well. The centrifuge lid lock is programmed to stay closed until centrifugation is complete, ensuring that users cannot be harmed during the centrifugation process. However, in order to protect samples in cases of emergency, the lid can also be opened by an emergency release. The imbalance detector also offers backup protection if users accidentally load the rotor incorrectly.