BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Fixed Angle Rotor
For Six 10ml or 15mL Tubes
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Brushless DC motor
Brushless Motors require little-to-no maintenance
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Smart airflow design
Advanced airflow keeps temperature controlled and consistent
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
LCD display
Clear Displays to Indicate Time and Speed
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Adjustable adaptors
Adaptors for a variety of standard tube sizes
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Variable speed selection
500-6500 RPM
BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuges
Imbalance detection
Automatically cuts off operation if the rotor is imbalanced
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  • Compatible with most commonly used blood tubes.

  • Compact shell design occupies minimal bench space

  • Advanced airflow design circulates air throughout internal space during use to ensure minimal temperature increase.

  • Brushless DC Motors generate less heat, less noise, and require little-to-no maintenance during the device lifetime.

  • Imbalance detection prevents accidental operation with an imbalanced rotor.

  • The lid-lock safety mechanism ensure the lid stays closed throughout usage, and protects users from opening the device while centrifuging.

  • Safer low-voltage (24V) device with a universal power supply.

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Maximum Volume 6×15 ml 8x15 ml
Speed Setting 500 to 6500 RPM
Maximum RCF 3684 × g 3873 × g
Speed Accuracy ‡ 100 rpm
Run time 1 min to 30 mins & infinite mode
Acceleration Time 43 ‡ 2 seconds
Deceleration Time 40 ‡ 2 seconds
Size (Lx W x H) 260 x 244 x 203 mm
Weight 4 Kg (with rotor)
Input Voltage 24 V, 4A 24 V, 5A
Power Consumption 100 W 120 W

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The BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuge, as per its name, is optimised for clinical applications—specifically bloodwork procedures. Various considerations were made throughout the design and engineering to ensure that this centrifuge fits well into the hospital/clinic/laboratory space. First and foremost is the innate security and protection that is built into the device. Samples are protected by a smart airflow design that maintains a minimal temperature change within the device and also provides quiet operation. Furthermore, every device is equipped with an imbalance detection safety system that automatically cuts off operation if the rotor is not balanced properly. This protects samples from damage that might otherwise occur were the rotor to spin out of control. This feature actually doubles as a user’s safety protection as well! The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuge also includes a lid lock safety feature that keeps the lid safely locked during use, so users can’t accidentally open the centrifuge, risking themselves or the samples.

Beyond safety protections, the BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuge is designed to easily enter into clinical environments. The rotor is equipped for compatibility with most of the commonly used collection tubes, and every C6V centrifuge is shipped with adapters for compatibility with smaller tubes. The BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuge easily opens upwards, well within the base area, to make loading and unloading easy and convenient. The BenchMate C6V Clinical Centrifuge features a relatively small footprint, making it easy to fit on an already occupied benchtop.