Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Universal Pipette Tips

Universal Pipette Tips
Universal Compatibility
Compatible with most Universal-style Pipettes on the market
Universal Pipette Tips
Aerosol Filter
Protects pipette and sample from possible cross-contamination
Universal Pipette Tips
Graduation Marked Tips
BenchMate Universal Pipette Tips are marked with Graduation markings as an additional accuracy/precision aid.
Universal Pipette Tips
Free from Softening Agents
Avoid potential contamination found in low-quality pipette tips.
Universal Pipette Tips
Low Retention
Ensures maximum dispensing of sample
Universal Pipette Tips
Special design
Ultra smooth internal surface for minimal retention and sample protection
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  • Oxford BenchMate Universal Pipette Tips are manufactured in a fully automatic, human touch-free facility.

  • High-quality plastic material offers high transparency index and solid construction.

  • Free of RNAse, DNAse, Human DNA, Cytotoxins, PCR Inhibitors, and Pyrogens.

  • BenchMate Universal Pipette Tips have a secure tip attachment that requires minimal force, ensuring easy attachment/ejection.

  • Tips are manufactured using diamond-finished, Swiss-made molds to ensure clearly defined features.

  • Manufactured in Class 100000 Cleanroom – ISO 13485 & ISO9001 certified.

  • Oxford Lab Products standards are met after being QC tested and regulated.

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  • Minimum retention = Maximum accuracy.

  • There are no silicon additives, so there is no leaching.

  • Specially developed resins and high quality diamond finish mold combine to create a super hydrophobic internal surface

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  • Fully autoclavable and stackable.

  • The hinge rack allows single-handed operation.

  • Tray is color coded for easy identification.

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  • Packed in easily tearable self-standing polyethylene bags

  • Perforation & Zip lock-Double sealing for better protection against contamination and spillage while in use.

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  • Reload the rack with minimal effort.

  • Eco-friendly with minimal plastic consumption.

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SKU Description Sterile Tips/Rack Racks/Pack Packs/Case
XR-10-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 10uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 10 5
XR-20-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 20uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 10 5
XR-50-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 50uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 10 5
XR-100-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 100uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 10 5
XR-300-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 300uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 10 5
XR-1250-SLF Universal Pipette Filter Tips - 1250uL. Sterile, Low Retention. Yes 96 6 5

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As any bench scientist will share, pipetting is a very repetitive process, but it is also a very important part of any experiment. Oxford Laboratory EquipmentUniversal Pipette Tips are designed to optimise the pipetting experience and results. Universal-style pipettes are the most common – these tips are made to fit those designs. To further enable convenience, our tips are available in plastic, eco-friendly, re-loadable, or bulk packaging! Oxford Laboratory Equipment Universal Pipette Tips have an innovative design that allows them to provide an ideal user experience. The top of the tip features a snug fit without requiring much attachment force. The inside of Universal Pipette Tips is specifically shaped to minimise residual volume inside of the tip. We only use FDA-approved medical grade virgin polypropylene. This plastic offers a high level of transparency, so users can visually confirm the work they are doing.