Oxford Lab Products BenchMate LTR Pipette Tips

LTR Pipette Tips
Swiss-Made Diamond Finished Mold
Flawless, super-smooth internal surface, with minimal retention.
LTR Pipette Tips
High-Quality Materials
LTR Tips are made from US FDA approved Virgin Polypropylene
LTR Pipette Tips
Graduation Marked Tips
LTR Pipette TIps are marked with Graduation markings as an additional accuracy/precision aid.
LTR Pipette Tips
Free from Softening Agents
Avoid potential contamination found in low-quality pipette tips.
LTR Pipette Tips
LTS™ Compatible
Can be used with Rainin LTS™ Pipettes
LTR Pipette Tips
Light Attachment Force
Can be securely attached with minimal attachment force.
LTR Pipette Tips
Most Affordable on the Market
BenchMate LTR Pipettes are the most affordable LTS™ compatible pipette tip
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  • LTR Pipette Tips are manufactured using a swiss-made mold. The mold is diamond-finished to ensure that the features are fully and carefully constructed.

  • BenchMate LTR Pipette Tips are designed to have an easy and secure attachment. The tip seal requires minimal force but securely attaches to the pipette.

  • Oxford Lab Products requires strict Quality Control and Assurance procedures to ensure that tips are manufactured to a high standard.

  • BenchMate LTR PIpette Tips are avaialble as sterile, low-retention, filtered tips to offer optimal pipetting performance.

  • LTR Pipette Tips are designed to fit LTS or XLS Rainin Pipettes

  • The tip design includes an ultra fine point that guarantees additional accuracy, precision, and consistency.

  • Free of RNase, DNase, Cytotoxins, PCR Inhbitors, Endotoxins, and Pyrogens

  • Internal surface is coated with a contaminant-free hydrophobic resin to ensure optimal liquid delivery.

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  • LTR Filtered PIpete tips are equipped with specially developed PE filters to prevent contamination of samples and pipettes.

  • Filter placement is optimized to protect sample and pipette throughout prolonged use.

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  • Available in Low-Retention and/or sterile formats
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  • Available for Non-Filter Tips
  • Compatible with Oxford BenchMate LTR Pipette Tips Racks
  • Case includes 10 Towers of Reload Wafers
  • Each Reload Stack includes 10 Reload Wafers, except 1000uL configuration which has 5 Reload Wafers.
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Catalog Numbers LTR-20-SLF, LTR-200-SLF, LTR-1000-SLF
Specifications Non-Pyrogenic, DNase & RNase, Nucleic Acid, Trace Metal, PCR inhibitor, and ATP free
Qty / Case 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack, 5 packs/case
Material High Quality Polypropylene and Hydrophobic Resins
Sterile Yes
Low Retention Yes

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Our LTR tips are available for single-channel pipettes as well as 8, 10, or 12 multi-channel LTS/XLS pipettes. Oxford Lab Products LTR tips are internally coated with hydrophobic, harm-free, low-retention resins to minimize sample retention. These tips are free of heavy metals and are free of RNase, DNase, cytotoxic materials, PCR inhibitors, endotoxins, and pyrogens to avoid sample contamination. The design of Oxford Lab Products LTR Tips also includes a fine-point end that yields additional accuracy, precision, and consistency. All our LTR tips are quality tested by our in-house lab technicians. Our QC protocols ensure that all Oxford Lab Products LTR tips are manufactured to meet strict regulations that enable high-performance pipetting.