Universal Pipette Tips

Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips are designed to be the ideal and easy-to-use pipette tip for all customers using Universal-style pipettes. These tips are produced using high-quality plastics, molds, and designs that ensure an optimal pipetting performance!



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Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips

As any bench scientist will share, pipetting is a very repetitive process but is a very important part of any experiment. Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips are designed to optimize the pipetting experience and result. Universal-style pipettes are the most common – these tips are made to fit those designs. To further enable convenience, our tips are available in plastic, eco-friendly, re-loadable, or bulk packaging!

Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips have an innovative design that allows them to provide an ideal user experience. The top of the tip features a snug fit without requiring much attachment force. The inside of Universal Pipette Tips is specifically shaped to minimize residual volume inside of the tip. We only use FDA-Approved medical grade virgin polypropylene. This plastic offers a high level of transparency so users can visually confirm the work they are doing.

We also understand that convenience is equally important, benchtop space is limited, and comfort is highly important. The force required to attach/eject Oxford Lab Products Universal Pipette Tips is actually very low, despite the secure seal at the tip-pipette interface. Try these tips today for a secure, yet comfortable, pipetting experience!



Features and Benefits:


    • Universal Compatible Tips
    • Graduation Marks to Confirm Liquid Volumes
    • Free of RNAse, DNAse, Human DNA, Cytotoxins, PCR Inhibitors, and Pyrogens
    • Free of Lubricants and Heavy Metals
    • Low Attach/Ejection Force Design
    • Low Retention due to Hydrophobic Resin
    • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation SAL10-6 (ISO11137)
    • Manufactured in Class 100000 Cleanroom – ISO 13485 & ISO9001
    • Racked, Bulk, Re-Load, or Eco-Friendly Packaging Options Available
    • Swiss-Made Diamond Finished Molds – Ensure Quality Manufacturing!
    • QC tested and regulated to adhere to Oxford Lab Products standards
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years from Date of Manufacturing


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