Oxford Serological Pipettes

Oxford Lab Products Serological Pipettes are the perfect companion piece for almost any pipette controller. Our Serological Pipettes are manufactured to a high-quality standard and are designed for precision and accuracy. Each pipette is individually packaged and labelled to maximize usability.



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Oxford Lab Products Serological Pipettes

Pipette Controllers, like the AccuHelp Pipette Controller, make it possible to accurately and effectively transfer larger volumes. However, these tools alone are not enough, serological pipettes are the corresponding consumable needed to enable that liquid handling process. This combination, pipette controller + serological pipette, is often used in tissue culture or cell culture, and as such it is highly important that they be clean and secure.

Oxford Lab Products Serological Pipettes are designed to optimize the pipette controller liquid handling process. They are equipped with a universal fit design that enables compatibility with almost all pipette controllers. The top of Oxford Lab Products Serological Pipettes is engineered so that they can be securely and easily inserted into pipette controllers while ensuring a tight seal. Furthermore, the internal filter protects your sample and the pipette controller from potential contamination or damage. All of our Serological Pipettes feature carefully calibrated gradation markings that are distinctly legible and allow for accurate aspirating/dispensing. We’ve carefully chosen materials, QC methods, packaging, and manufacturing to ensure biocompatibility and durability in hot or cold usage. Try Oxford Lab Products Serological Pipettes today!



Features and Benefits:


    • Compatible with All Universal Pipette Controllers
    • Color-Coding for Easy Volume Identification
    • Finely Calibrated Gradation Markings (±2%)
    • Reverse and Negative Gradation Markings
    • Free of RNAse, DNAse, Pyrogens, Latex, and Cytotoxins
    • Temperature tolerance: -20°C to 50°C
    • General Polystyrene Plastic, Polyolefin Filter – USP Class VI Compliant
    • Sterilized by Electron-Beam Irradiation – ISO 1137 10-6
    • Manufactured in Class 100000 Cleanroom – ISO 13485 & ISO9001
    • Printed with Batch Number for Traceability
    • Swiss-Made Diamond Finished Molds – Ensure Quality Manufacturing!
    • QC tested and regulated to adhere to Oxford Lab Products standards
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years from Month of Manufacturing


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