Maxxline Cryotube

Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotubes are the approachable solution to extreme temperature storage. We understand that your sample is important, so we have the right tool to keep it safe and secure. Our Maxxline Cryotubes feature quality design and engineering – including a special quick seal cap and external threading that helps you access and secure your sample easily!


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Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotubes

Our cryotubes are designed with your sample in mind – we want to make sure your sample is protected, accessible, and securely stored. The most important facet of this is the seal itself, the cap that separates your sample from the rest of the world. Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotubes are engineered with a special sealing system based around the cap design. The threading on Maxxline Cryotubes is external, meaning that the internal space of the tube is further protected from contaminants. Furthermore, the cap creates a lip seal to prevent any leaks while the sample is in storage. Caps require only a half turn to create a tight seal; this also enables users to easily open the vial with one hand for improved usability.

Beyond being safe and secure, Oxford Lab Products Maxxline Cryotubes are also designed to be convenient and durable. All of our vials are sterilized and maintain that sterility for 5 years from the sterilization date. As further durability, Maxxline Cryotubes are made from a unique polypropylene formulation. This allows them to be safe for use over a large range of temperatures (-196°C to 121°C). These tubes can also withstand pressures as high as 95kPa. They can be autoclaved after use to again minimize the risk of sample cross-contamination. Finally, each vial is equipped with a conical bottom with a star-shaped foot underneath. This design allows samples to be accessed much more easily as there are no corners inside, but the foot still allows the tube to be self-standing for ease-of-use. Order today and experience how convenient and secure Maxxline Cryotubes are!



Features and Benefits:


    • Colored Caps Available for Easy Identification
    • External Threading and Quick-Seal Cap Prevent Leaks and Contamination
    • Large Blank Space Allows for Easy Labeling
    • Designed to Fit into 10×10 and 9×9 Cryogenic Storage Boxes
    • Graduation Markings at Every 0.5mL
    • Star-Shaped Base Ensures Vial Stays Upright During Usage and Storage
    • Sterilized via ISO11137 Compliant Process
    • Free of Heavy Metals, BSE/TSE, Cytotoxins, RNAses, and DNAses
    • Large Compatible Temperature Range: -196°C to 121°C
    • Available in Double-Safety Self-Standing Bulk Bags or Eco-Friendly Racks
    • Temperature Tolerance: -80°C to 121°C
    • High Pressure Tolerance (95kPa/0.95bar)
    • QC tested and regulated to adhere to Oxford Lab Products standards
    • Shelf Life: 5 Years from Month of Manufacturing


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