LTR Pipette Tips

Oxford Lab Products LTR tips are the most cost-effective LTS-compatible tips on the market today. These tips are manufactured in a fully-automatic, touch-free facility, using a diamond finished mold and high-quality medical grade polypropylene material. Manufacturing and materials are carefully chosen to optimize the liquid handling performance.



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Oxford Lab Products LTR Tips

Our LTR tips are available for single channel pipettes and 8 or 12 multi-channel LTS/XLS pipettes. Oxford Lab Products LTR tips are internally coated with hydrophobic, harm-free, low-retention resins to minimize sample retention. These tips are free of heavy metals and are free of RNase, DNase, cytotoxic materials, PCR inhibitors, endotoxins, and pyrogens to avoid sample contamination. The design of Oxford Lab Products LTR Tips also includes a fine pointed end that yields additional accuracy, precision, and consistency. All our LTR tips are quality tested by in-house lab technicians. Our QC protocols ensure that all Oxford Lab Products LTR tips are manufactured to meet strict regulations that enable high performance pipetting.



Features and Benefits:


    • Most cost-effective LTS-compatible tip on the market
    • RNase, DNase, cytotoxin, PCR inhibitors, endotoxin, pyrogen free
    • Low-Retention
    • Sterile
    • Filter equipped
    • Diamond finished folds to ensure precision manufacturing
    • High quality medical grade polypropylene material
    • Designed to fit LTS/XLS Rainin pipettes
    • Substance-free hydrophobic resins prevent contamination and sample retention
    • Ultra-fine point tip ends guarantee accuracy, precision, and consistency
    • QC tested and regulated to adhere to Oxford Lab Products standards


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