Centrifuge Tubes (Conical Tubes)

Oxford Lab Products Centrifuge / Conical Tubes are secure, durable, and packaged for comfort and convenience. Our Conical Tubes are sterilized, clear of contaminants, and rated to speeds up to 17,000 x g. Performance and reliability are key – experience both today with Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes, available in bulk or racked packaging!



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Oxford Lab Products Centrifuge Tubes

Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes provide the reliability, security, and convenience expected out of centrifuge tubes. These centrifuge tubes have everything that users need for their experiments – the lids offer secure seals, the plastic is durable, and the markings are accurate. The design of these tubes means that they can survive hot, cold, and up to 17,000 x g. We expect users to be comfortable using Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes throughout all their experiments as they see fit.

We have taken extra care to use only the best material – Oxford Lab Products Conical Tubes are made with FDA-approved resin. We use this plastic specifically to allow for extra clarity and durability. Our QC and manufacturing methods further ensure that customers receive only clean, contaminant-free, reliable, and sterile tubes that can be trusted to hold their samples without concern. Our manufacturing is fully automatic, human touch-free, and certified for compliance with quality systems. Try our tubes out today and work confidently knowing your samples are safe!



Features and Benefits:


    • Available in 15mL or 50mL sizes
    • Fits All Standard and High-Capacity Centrifuge Rotors
    • Gradation Markings for Visual Confirmation
    • Available in Double-Safety Self-Standing Bulk Bags or Eco-Friendly Racks
    • Free of RNAse, DNAse, Human DNA, Pyrogens, Endotoxins, PCR Inhibitors, Heavy Metals, Additives, and Cytotoxins
    • Temperature tolerance: -80°C to 121°C
    • Manufactured in Fully Automatic, Human Touch-Free Class 100K Clean Room Facility
    • Durable up to 17,000 x g Centrifuge Force
    • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation SAL10-6 (ISO11137)
    • QC tested and regulated to adhere to Oxford Lab Products standards
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years from Month of Manufacturing


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