BenchMate Light Single Channel Mechanical Pipette

The Oxford BenchMate Light Pipette is the updated iteration of the BenchMate model pipette. This pipette is a mechanical pipette designed around ergonomic fit, comfortable use, precision, and accuracy. Pipetting is smooth and soft when using the ceramic piston equipped Oxford Benchmate Light Pipette!



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Oxford Lab Products BenchMate Light Pipette

The Oxford Benchmate Light Pipette is a modern take on the classic pipette. Accuracy and precision are the premier focus, and the pipette is designed to maintain calibration and performance even throughout repeated use. Specifically, each Oxford BenchMate Light Pipette has a sealing right that is durable for up to 600,000 uses. Furthermore, the ceramic plunger provides a higher tolerance against corrosive solvents and protects the pipette interior.

Accuracy and precision are the among the most important factors to developing significant results. Both of these are impacted when a pipette yields inconsistent results. The Oxford BenchMate Light is equipped with a light and smooth plunger and a hyper-blowout system to ensure that users are able to consistently and reliable deliver the same volumes. Although these factors are not often considered, smooth and easy operation is key to repetitive, yet precise liquid handling. Oxford BenchMate Light pipettes improve results and improve user experience.



Features and Benefits:


    • Ceramic Plunger for Extra Precision and Accuracy (>200uL Pipettes)
    • Hyper Blowout Technology – Enables a Complete Dispense (2uL – 10uL)
    • Highly Durable Sealing Ring
    • Ergonomic Design with Lightweight Composition
    • 4-Digit Micrometer for Extra Precise Volume Setting
    • Corrosion Resistance due to Ceramic Plunger
    • Fully Autoclavable
    • Highly UV Resistant
    • Volume Locking Mechanism – Securely Set Pipetting Volumes
    • 5-Year Warranty


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