BenchMate Electronic Pipette

The Oxford BenchMate Electronic (OBE) Pipette offers an advanced approach to pipetting. The electronics-enabled aspiration and dispensing removes the human error from the liquid handling process. OBE Pipettes are equipped with programmable pipetting functions and pre-programmed pipetting programs to make pipetting that much easier!






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Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipettes

Electronic pipettes offer a multitude of benefits – the most crucial of which is the very precise and accurate control of the pipetting action. Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipettes are able to deliver on that improvement and so much more. The OBE Pipette itself is very lightweight and ergonomic, despite the large and easy-to-read display. The plastic is highly durable and resistant to chemical damage. Furthermore, the weight distribution and the fingerhook design allow the pipette to rest gently in the user’s hand. Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipettes are the ideal solution for Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) since the user can comfortably operate the pipette without needing to deal with the repetitive pipetting force that often causes RSI.

Beyond comfort, the Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipette offers a convenient and intuitive user experience. The long-lasting battery and easy charge options make it easily accessible and usable for hours at a time. The graphic interface is very easy to read and navigate. The menu options on the Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipette are reduced to only the most intuitive options at a time. Users can easily find the included functions like Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Multi-Dispense, Diluting, and Mixing. Users can also choose to create their own pipetting programs using the Oxford BenchMate Electronic Pipette!



Features and Benefits:


    • Pipette Sizes are Color-Coded for Easy Identification
    • Intuitive Graphic Interface with Large Icons and Easy Navigation
    • Pre-Programmed Pipetting Programs for:
      • Pipetting
      • Reverse Pipetting
      • Multi-Dispense Pipetting
      • Diluting
      • Mixing
    • Programmable Memory for User-Developed Pipetting Programs
    • Secure Profiles – Password Protected Calibration and Programming
    • Intelli-Charge Battery with Built-In Power Saving
    • Universal Tip Compatibility
    • Single-Channel, 8-Channel, and 12-Channel Configurations
    • 3-Year Warranty


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