BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge

The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge is an ideal centrifuge for blood processing in clinical labs. The swing rotor of the Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge is best suited for use with gel tubes were clear, flat line separations are needed. Meanwhile, the two fixed angle rotors can be used for other blood separation applications where angled separations are suitable.

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The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge is widely used in PRP/PRF separations that are useful for various medical applications. The well designed and compact BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge uses a long lasting maintenance free BLDC motor, which delivers speeds of up to 4,000 rpm. The BenchMate C40 Clinical Centrifuge from Oxford Lab Products is equipped with programming features and tools, as well as safety features such as imbalance detection and lid-lock.



Features and Benefits:


    • Precise speed setting in rpm, from 500 to 4,000 rpm, in increments of 10 rpm.
    • The lid-lock safety feature keeps the lid locked during centrifuge operation – the lid  then releases automatically after run completion.
    • The timer setting ranges from 1 – 999 minutes. Infinite mode is also an option.
    • Programming features allow for easy operation: The user can save and run up to 99 user-defined programs or protocols.
    • The one-touch short-spin operation comes in handy for quick-spin applications.
    • The user can change the units over from rpm to RCF to best suit their needs.
    • The compact design with a low loading height allows for easy operation even in tight spaces.