Accupet Evo Pipette

The Accupet Evo Pipette offers maximum performance and comfort by leveraging magnetic technology. Evo pipettes feature a special internal design that includes a magnetically assisted piston. The magnetic assistance enables a smooth and light pipetting motion that maximizes accuracy and precision. Experience a low plunger force like never before!



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Oxford Lab Products Accupet Evo Pipettes

Pipetting is a finely-controlled process that requires very specific control of the pipette plunger – and consequently the piston – to aspirate and dispense accurate volumes. The Accupet Evo Pipette specifically improves on this process by introducing a magnetically assisted plunger and piston. The assisted motion allows the user to be much more careful and precise with their pipetting motion. A stiffer piston makes it more difficult to pipette precisely and may yield inconsistent results. The Accupet Evo Pipette is specifically engineered to improve consistency and accuracy.

Besides improving precision and accuracy, the Accupet Evo Pipette makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to add high-performance pipetting to any lab. The materials for the pipette body, tip ejector, and tip cones are specifically chosen to be durable and withstand the laboratory elements. Furthermore, the Accupet Evo Pipette is universal tip compatible, so that users can easily bring it into their lab with minimal compatibility issues. Especially in labs that work with delicate samples, contamination can be a huge factor, so the Accupet Evo Pipette is fully autoclavable to help avoid contaminants. This pipette is designed so that almost anyone, anywhere, can comfortably, confidently, and reliably use this pipette to get high-quality results.



Features and Benefits:


    • Magnetically Assisted Piston for Consistent Results
    • One of the Lowest Plunger Forces on the Market!
    • Corrosion Resistant Tip Ejector
    • Unique Shock Absorbing Tip Ejector for Enhanced Durability
    • Highly Durable PVDF Spring-Loaded Tip Cones
    • Volume Lock Mechanism to Prevent Volume Drift
    • Fully Autoclavable
    • Universal Tip Compatibility
    • Single-Channel, 8-Channel, and 12-Channel Configurations
    • Color-Coded by Volume Range for Easy Identification
    • Large and Clear 4-Digit Display
    • Ergonomic Design
    • 5 Year Warranty


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