Accupet Evo Pipette

The Accupet Evo Pipette offers maximum performance and comfort by leveraging magnetic technology. Evo pipettes feature a special internal design that includes a magnetically assisted piston. The magnetic assistance enables a smooth and light pipetting motion that maximizes accuracy and precision. Experience a low plunger force like never before!

AccuPet Pro Manual Pipette


The Accupet Pro Pipette is highly popular and highly effective. It has been well-received throughout the years, all over the world, because it is very accurate, very precise, and it delivers performance consistently. The Oxford Lab Products Accupet Pro Pipette is the reliable and durable solution for any lab!

BenchMate Multichannel Pipettes For 384-Well Plates

Oxford BenchMate 384 Multichannel pipettes are the new and efficient solution to pipetting into 384-well plates. These pipettes are available in 16-channel or 24-channel configurations. The channels are designed to line up with the rows of a 384-well plate. Oxford BenchMate 384 also includes special 384-channel tips to improve accuracy and precision. Filling these otherwise difficult plates, is now easier than ever!

Oxford Benchmate Pipette

The Oxford BenchMate Pipette is the classic iteration of the BenchMate model pipette. It offers everything a scientist needs to perform high quality work to a high standard. PTFE construction and hyper-blowout technology combine to provide a highly precise and consistent pipetting experience

BenchMate Light Single Channel Mechanical Pipette

The Oxford BenchMate Light Pipette is the updated iteration of the BenchMate model pipette. This pipette is a mechanical pipette designed around ergonomic fit, comfortable use, precision, and accuracy. Pipetting is smooth and soft when using the ceramic piston equipped Oxford Benchmate Light Pipette!