FAQs – Answers to Common Questions

I am interested in cooperating with Oxford Lab Products, how can I become a distributor?

Please refer to our “Become a Dealer” form. We work with dealers both domestically and internationally.

What are the differences between Oxford Lab Products and CAPP Products?

All of our Oxford Lab Products are sold domestically and internationally, whereas our CAPP Products are only sold domestically.

I purchased an Oxford Lab Product and have questions regarding if it will arrive on time?

Please contact info@oxfordlp.com or (858) 952-1818, we will do the best we can to assist you.

May I purchase an Item directly from Oxford Lab Products?

We do not sell directly at this time, please refer to our:

List of Distributors

How can I get a quote for your products?

Please send all your inquiries to info@oxfordlp.com or (858) 952-1818, we will be happy to send you the necessary information.

I have an inquiry about returns/refunds/warranty policies, where can I make a request?

Our return/refund policy has two tiers:

  • Tier 1: 30 Days (15% Restocking Fee)
    1. Products must be in pristine re-sellable condition and in original packaging.
  • Tier 2: 31-90 Days (20% Restocking Fee)
    1. Products must be in pristine re-sellable condition and in original packaging.

We provide Domestic (USA) and International Warranty Policies:

  • Domestic (USA)
    1. Manual Pipettes: 10 Years
    2. Electronic Pipettes: 5 Years
    3. Equipment: 5 Years
  • International
    1. Manual Pipettes: 5 Years
    2. Electronic Pipettes: 3 Years
    3. Equipment: 3 Years

I am having mechanical and programming issues, where can I look for assistance?

Please refer to the user manual prior to any requests. If there are any issues, please contact aj@oxfordlp.com.

I received a broken/malfunctioning Item. What should I do?

All of our products have a 7-day inspection/grace period. Please fill out the return form.

I had a question about receiving repairs for my product, what is the best solution?

The best solution is to submit a return form. and decontamination form. We will fix the product, send out a new product, or return the product. These forms are located on our “Return Policy” page.

Does Oxford Lab Products have replacement parts?

We do not offer replacement parts at this time. If you would like to inquire about returning a product, please refer to our “Return Policy”. Keep in mind that all customers must register their product prior to any services requested.

I want to purchase a product; how do I get access to your product portfolio? Where is the best place to find your products?

You can purchase our products by going through our list of distributors listed below:

Dealers List

I purchased the Oxford Lab Product Pipettes or CAPP Product Pipettes, which Oxford Lab Product pipette tips will fit?

Please refer to our tip compatibility chart, here you can find the best compatibility for our pipette products.

Does Oxford Lab Products operate domestically or Internationally?

At Oxford Lab Products, we want to serve customers globally. Therefore, we operate both domestically and internationally.

I am interested in one of your products, may I request a sample?

We do offer samples for our products, please fill out the
“Sample Request Form” to start your free trial today.

For more inquiries or questions regarding our policies, please contact us at info@oxfordlp.com or (858) 952-1818.