Oxford Lab Products – BenchMate Digital Tube Rotator

Product Description:

Oxford Lab Products Digital Tube Rotator is ideal for a variety of laboratory applications that require the gentle mixing of biological samples, such as the mixing of blood samples in blood collection tubes to prevent coagulation, immunoprecipitation, latex agglutination assays and preparation of homogenous dispersions (the mixing of powdered/solid and liquid samples).

Product Features

  • 3 plate options : Supplied with any one chosen disc plate.
  • Adjustable speed ranging from 10-80 RPM with increment & accuracy of +/- 1 RPM.
  • Timer setting from 1 to 99 minutes & infinite mode.
  • Angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Programmable – user can set and save upto 9 user defined programs (protocols).
  • Option for Auto power On in case of power failure – on resumption it will start automatically and run for the remaining time.
  • Easy removal / installation of Disc plates for replacement & cleaning.a

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SpecificationsTube Roller
Capacity (supplied with any one chosen disc plate)12 tubes x 50 ml
24 tubes x 15 ml
44 tubes x 2 ml
Programmable ModeYes. User can set and save upto 9 user defined programs
Variable Speed10-80 RPM
Run Time1-99 mins & infinite
Motor TypeBLDC motor
Pulse ModeYes. Alternating clockwise and anticlockwise motion with 2 sec stops for better and thorough mixing.
Angle of Disc PlateAdjustable from 0 - 900
Weight (Capacity)2 kg
Digital DisplayYes
Input Voltage24V
Dimension383 x 325 x 325
Protection classIP 21

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