Oxford Lab Products – BenchMate C8 Microcentrifuge

Product Description:

Oxford Lab Products BenchMate C8 Micro Centrifuge enhances the centrifugation process in your lab. The BenchMate C8 Micro Centrifuge has proprietary technology making it one of the most user-friendly units on the market. The Electronic Safety Brake immediately stops the centrifuge upon the lid opening for superior user safety. The BenchMate C8 Micro Centrifuge has a fixed speed of 6,000 rpm / 2,000 x g and a noise level of < 55 dB. It is ideal for all quick spin centrifugation applications.

The new wave of micro centrifuges is here. The Benchmate C8 Micro Centrifuge enhances scientists research with user-friendly features, safety-oriented technology and a robust design. The unique closed rotor for quiet operation, carbon dust insulation and a safety drain for easy liquid drainage make this unit the most advanced micro centrifuge on the market. You will now have a quite micro centrifuge that you can easily clean if one of your samples spills, while still being able to do all of your work up to 6,000 rpm / 2,000 x g speed.

Product Features

  • 8 place closed rotor ensures better airflow, greater efficiency with quiet operation and low heat generation ensures stability for temperature sample
  • Speed Accuracy +/- 100 RPM
  • Small foorprint saves valuable bench space – suitable for use in hoods and cold rooms
  • Carbon Dust insulation and safe drainage provision in design

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C8 Product Specs

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