Oxford Lab Products – BenchMate Electronic Pipette

Product Description:

The Oxford Lab Products BenchMate E Electronic pipette is lightweight, designed for left-hand and right-hand use, and offers precise and accurate pipetting.

Avaiable Configurations:

  • Single Channel
  • Eight Channel
  • Twelve Channel

Product Features

Intuitive graphic interface
5 different and frequently used modes of pipetting:
Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting, Multi-Dispense Pipetting. Diluting. Mixing
High-performance stepper motor for consistent and repeatable results
Secure usage, with password-protected calibration
Lightweight electronic pipette
Ultra ergonomic design
Built-in power-save and Intelli charging battery, for uninterrupted usage
Volumes are uniquely color coded for easy identification
Universal tip cone – compatible with universal pipette tips
Autoclavable lower assembly
3-Year Warranty

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Oxford Electronic Pipette

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