Oxford Lab Products – Innovation Lives On

At Oxford Lab Products, we provide customers with the highest quality lab products and offer the utmost customer service and satisfaction.
Established in 1969, USA-based Oxford Lab Products prides itself on global reach and innovative research and development. Our products live up to the highest standards, serving customers such as Harvard, MIT, CDC, and the Cannabis industry.
We offer our customers a hands-on approach with our products in order to meet your needs. Based on your specifications, we will help you build your laboratory and research environment.


Unbeatable, Legendary Performance

Our scientists put all our products through stringent testing before they ever go to market. Whether your lab requires pipettes or other lab equipment, such as centrifuges and vortexers, you can rest assured that Oxford Lab Products will give you cost effective, precise and durable products that will serve you for years to come. End to end experience – from factory, distribution, to end user.

Technical Reliability and Quality

You deserve the ultimate in reliability and quality, and Oxford Lab Products delivers. Learn how Oxford Lab Products can put your laboratory at the forefront of research. At Oxford Lab Products, innovation lives on.


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What Our Customers Say

“Great Products and wonderful people to work with. Superb quality and customer service! Both make my life much easier.”
– Tammy Devereux
  Vice President, Account Management

“We believe Oxford products has a high quality and enjoys a positive feedback from end users”
– M.Nagib El Zarahrna
Managing Director

“The Oxford name carries a history of quality and today products continue to be well made and well priced. Logistically products are delivered on time.”
– Michael Ratos
VP Sales and Marketing

“High quality products and an excellent customer service team.”
– Ali Sayim
  Product Manager